Feature Films
Paradise Next 亡命之途

Three drifting souls meet by chance on an island in high summer and keep each other company. Facing their inner demons and a mysterious killer, can they truly redeem themselves through love and find the paradise in their hearts?
The Losers 廢物

Hong Kong International Film Festival

Between people, between people and the land
Just like this small town in Southern Taiwan,
their lives are being evaluated by the social conventions.................
Stilt 候鳥來的季節

Taipei Film Festival in competition

A bird expert, who watches migratory birds year after year, cannot simply be an observer to his own life.................

Everlasting Moment 靈魂的旅程

The International Filmfestival Mannheim-Heidelberg
Singapore International Film Festival

The story begins with the ancient tribal chief Buta leading his people to climb through the mountains, wishing to find a new place to live and to build a new tribe. ...............
Bear It 熊熊愛上你

Osaka Asian Film Festival
Asian Film Festival

Tiring of serving people, Peter, a tour guide, brings Teddy Bears that are considered as families or pets to their owners to travel abroad...............
Memory Loss 憶世界大冒險

Have you ever want something so much... you would trade your memories to have it? Anita lives in the small village. Since her dad died, her mom always feels sad and misses her husband....
Life is Wonderful 生命無限公司

Giffoni Film Festival
Seoul International Youth Film Festival

A granddaughter from the city, a grandma from the country, two parallel paths cross because of love...
Are You Winking at Me? 你在對我眨眼睛嗎?
Seoul International Youth Film Festival
In the world of a boy, love is infinite...
The Adventure of a Teddy Bear 小熊歷險記
A teddy bear quietly makes the wishes of three children come true ................
Tears 眼淚
Taipei Film Festival, Best Director of Taipei Awards
Karlovy Vary International Film Festival
Pusan International Film Festival
Days approaching his sixtieth birthday, veteran Detective Kuo receives a new assignment involving the drug overdose and eventual death of a young girl. Departmental superiors see it as a textbook crime and urge him to conclude the case, ................
SUMIMASEN, Love 對不起,我愛你
Kaohsiung International Film Festival
Chie Tanaka comes to Taiwan to study Chinese but is unexpectedly cast as the leading actress in a movie. Wu Huai-chung wants to be a filmmaker but he can only find a part-time projectionist job. Chie runs away from her acting work in Taipei to a southern city Kaohsiung................
The Days 歲月
Shanghai International Film Festival, Asian New Talent in competition
Danmark CPH:PIX Feature Film Festival
Singapore Press Holdings Film Awards, Best FIlm, Best Director nominations
Based on a true story, THE DAYS tells a cautionary tale between two brothers, set between 1989 and 1990 in Singapore. In a misguided effort to teach the younger brother BABY independence, and to make him feel protected, ...............
The Fatality 絕魂印
Somehow, a mentally disturbed 30-year-old man from Taipei finds himself waking up out of a coma in a hospital in a small coastal town in Thailand. A woman is at his bedside, calling him Assanee. But that's not his name. ...............
The Most Distant Course 最遙遠的距離
Karlovy Vary International Film Festival
Open Deck Film Festival, FESTIVALJURY Award
Venice Film Festival, Critics' Week Award
Tokyo International Film Festival
Pusan International Film Festival
A heartbroken sound technician can't get over the girl who leaves him without a word. He collects sounds on tape and sends them to her. A girl named Ryo-yun who is involved with a married man keeps receiving the tapes by accident. ...............
Island Etude 練習曲
Deauville Asian Film Festival in competition
Seattle International Film Festival Contemporary
Taiwan Entry for Academy Award's Best Foreign Language Film
Cleveland International Film Festival
Before graduating from college, a hearing-impaired young man decides to carry his guitar on his back and ride a bike along the Taiwanese coastlines, embarking on a seven-day round-island trip. Island Etude captures both the beauty and the reality of Coastal Taiwan's. ...............
Keeping Watch 沉睡的青春
Deauville Asian Film Festival
Singapore Asian Festival of 1st Film , Best Script
Stockholm International Film Festival
Everyday at 3 pm is the moment I begin to fall in love with you.
Ching is a girl whose tedious life surrounds her family-owned shop. One day Han shows up and claims to be her high school classmate ...............
Exit No.6 六號出口
Shanghai International Film Festival Asian New Talent in competition
Zlin International Film Festival for Children and Youth
Syracuse International Film Festival
Exit No. 6 is a place where anything is possible...
One summer Van Dine, an urban Jedi teams up with his buddies Vance, Fion and Vivian to investigates a series of mysterious...............
Falling in Love 戀人
Venice International Film Festival, Venice Days-Premio L'impudente
Thessaloniki International Film Festival, The Best Artistic Achievement
Tokyo International Film Festival
Alan is trapped in three absurd relationships. His girlfriend Angel is deeply in love with him but Alan's detachment keeps letting her down and pushes her to a nervous breakdown. Belle has just fled from a broken marriage and rents the room next to ...............
Holiday Dreaming 夢遊夏威夷
Deauville Asian Film Festival
Tokyo International Film Festival
Pusan International Film Festiva
Ah Zhou, who is about to be discharged from his military service, has a surreal dream. In his dream, he sees the dead body of Shing Shing, a classmate he was crazy about in elementary school. He has an intuition that this dream implying that...............
Documentary Films
Series of Eminent Writers from Taiwan
他們在島嶼寫作: 文學大師系列電影

Hong Kong Asian Film Festival
Taipei Golden Horse Film Festival
San Francisco International Film Festival

They are the beacons of the island, with the eternal torch held up high, standing on the top of the world," Fisfisa Media. ...............
Young at Heart: Grandma Cheerleaders 青春啦啦隊

Yamagata International Documentary Film Festival
Taiwan International Documentary Festival, Closing Film
Taipei Golden Horse Film Festival

Who says the elderly could only wait for their deaths? A group of them, averagely aged 70, are determined to break the stereotype. ...............
For More Sun 夢想無限
Puchon International Fantastic Film Festival
Taipei Film Festival
Professor Cheng and his students believe that any knowledge you learn in school should be applied to reality. Their dream is to build the fastest running hand-made vehicle. In 2005 they bring FORMOSUN III, a world-class solar car to enter the World Solar ...............
New Projects
Silence 無聲
Golden Horse Film Project Promotion 2013
The hatred expressed in silence is the strongest...
Cafe Astoria 明星咖啡廳

Shanghai International Film Festival Co-Film Production Forum
Hong Kong Asia Film Financial Forum

It is a story about a Russian restaurant, Cafe Astoria, first opens in Shanghai in 1935 by a Russian Jewish exile and a Chinese lawyer in Jaffe Road French Concession, for their common love of Jazz. Together the owners and their guests witness the outbreak of World War II, the birth of the new China ...............