New Project
Genre: Drama
Duration: 90min
Format: 35mm
Director: CHENG, Fen Fen 鄭芬芬

James Liu

Production Company Joint Entertainment International Inc.
Status: In Development
Again / 不在場愛情
2009 Shanghai International Film Festival China Film Pitch and Catch


Zoe and Max were deeply in love before a car crash which put them into coma. They miraculously survive but lost their memories. Zoe tries to start a new life in Taipei while Max in Shanghai. The broken love submerges randomly only to remind them a possible mysterious past affairs. When Zoe visits Shanghai World Expo, she runs into Max again. Once lovers, now strangers. Will they have the luck to continue the unfinished story? Perhaps, they are more eager than anyone else to find out.


柔妍和麥子的愛情中斷,因為一場讓他們陷入昏迷的嚴重車禍。奇蹟式的痊癒後﹐兩個人各自回到原來的城市,柔妍在台北,麥子在上海。車禍對於腦部的傷害,讓他們對於原來的愛情不復記憶,但是卻又因為那段刻骨銘心的愛情,往日戀情的殘影經常在他們的新生命裡不自覺地出現。上海世博會將柔妍帶到了上海,與麥子重逢,昔日的戀人成了陌生人,命運是否會給他們第二次機會呢? 他們可能比任何人都更想知道答案。

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