New Project
Genre: Drama
Duration: 120min
Format: 35mm
Director: LIN, Yu-Hsien

Roger HUANG, James LIU

Production Company:
Jump Boys Films
Yi Tiao Long Hu Bao Intertainment Co.
Joint Entertainment International Inc.
Status: In Development
Delivery: Summer 2011
A Shin / ½ua! H

A-Shin suffering from mild polio symptoms, won the championship for vaults in a gymnastics competition; however, his mother ended his dream, fearing that his shriveling right leg would cause more pain and suffering in the future. Pain stricken A-Shin left home and used his athletic abilities to survive on the tough streets; during this dark period, the only warmth A-Shin received is from a phone operator of a pager company. In the end, A-Shin returned home to fight for his dreams, this is his last chance to earn salvation and pride...