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KJ: Music & Life / 2008
List of Directors
(in alphebatical order)
CHENG, Fen-Fen
CHENG, Wen-Tang
CHEUNG, King-Wai
LEE, Jong-Wang
LIN, Jia-Wei & LIAO, Leo
LIN, Jing-Jie
LIN, Yu-Hsien
LIU, Soung
LU, Looloo
YANG, Li-Chou
YEE, Chih-Yen
CHEUNG, King-Wai / ign


Born in Hong Kong, CHEUNG studied cello from a very young age and pursued music at Brooklyn College, City University of New York, but after exploring various other subject areas, he ended up graduating with a degree in film production and philosophy. He produced 4 short fiction films and 1 short documentary film and his work has been submitted and some have won prizes in many international film festivals. His first feature-length script, "God's Apple", has won him the Excellent Prize in Mainland China, Hong Kong and Taiwan and the Myth Script Creation Contest in 2001. His second script, "The Way We Are", was also awarded the Best Story Prize in the Hong Kong-Asia Film Financing Forum in 2005. The film based on this script is on its way to being produced by the director, Ann HUI.
Filmography / Awards

2008mKJ: Music & LifenDocumentary/ Digital Betacam/ 90min
Hong Kong Film Awards, Best New Director
Hong Kong Film Critics Society Award, Best Film
Taiwan International Children's Film Festival, Special Jury Award
Taipei Golden Horse Awards, Best Documentary, Best Film Editing, Best Sound Effect
Zlin International Festival for Children and Youth
Osaka Asia Film Festival
Planete Doc Review Warsaw

2010mCrimson JadenDrama/35mm/ 28min
Taipei Golden Horse Film Festival
Jordon Short Film Festival
Hong Kong Asian Film Festival