Country: Singapore/ Mandarin (2008)
Genre: Drama, Action
Duration: 92min
Format: 35mm

Boi KWONG 鄺子君

Actors: Justin CHAN
  Ivan LIM
The Days / 歲月
2009 Shanghai International Film Festival Asian New Talent in competition
上海國際電影節競賽 亞洲新導演
2009 Danmark CPH:PIX Feature Film Festival
2008 Singapore Press Holdings Film Awards, Best FIlm Best Director Nominations

Based on a true story, THE DAYS tells a cautionary tale between two brothers, set between 1989 and 1990 in Singapore. In a misguided effort to teach the younger brother BABY independence, and to make him feel protected, ZI LONG brings him into his own gang of delinquents, introducing him to his group nicknamed "The 4 Heavenly Kings". Unknowingly, his decision has thrown them both into a tumultuous and violent world that will, in different ways, imprison them both.

真實故事改編,發生在1989 年到1990年代的新加坡,描述一對生死相 依的兄弟。 哥哥子龍,小名太子,生性堅強,樂於充老大,具領導能力。 弟弟子豪,是家中的老么,極受寵愛,是家人心目中的 BABY。 個性內向,極易受他人的影響。

哥哥為保護弟弟帶領他進入他的幫派。幫派中的"四大天王"包括的成員有打手"狗仔", 大嘴巴"蟑螂",愛飆車的"豆皮"以及帶頭"小老大"JEREMY TAN 。 由於年少無知,雙雙誤入歧途,多番陷身於重重困境之中,有如時刻身處於監獄無形的厚牆將 兩人包圍,無法脫身,前途無望,身心更是無助,是一部發人深省的警事之作。

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