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Island Etude / 2007
List of Directors
(in alphebatical order)
CHENG, Fen-Fen
CHENG, Wen-Tang
CHEUNG, King-Wai
LEE, Jong-Wang
LIN, Jia-Wei & LIAO, Leo
LIN, Jing-Jie
LIN, Yu-Hsien
LIU, Soung
LU, Looloo
YANG, Li-Chou
YEE, Chih-Yen
En CHEN / h


En CHEN Graduated from the Department of Printing and Photography at Shih Hsin University in 1982 and started working in the film industry in 1983. He began his career as a script supervisor, and then became involved in every aspect of film production. In addition to film, Chen also works as a television and commercial photographer/director.
Filmography / Awards

2007 mIsland Etude n Drama/35 mm/108min
Deauville Asian Film Festival in competition
China Golden Rooster & Hundred Flowers Film Festival
Seattle International Film Festival Contemporary
Cleveland International Film Festival
Taiwan Entry for 2008 Academy Award's Best Foreign Language Film

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