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Bear It/ 2011
Keeping Watch/ 2007
New Project(s)
Marry Go Round
List of Directors
(in alphebatical order)
CHENG, Fen-Fen
CHENG, Wen-Tang
CHEUNG, King-Wai
LEE, Jong-Wang
LIN, Jia-Wei & LIAO, Leo
LIN, Jing-Jie
LIN, Yu-Hsien
LIU, Soung
LU, Looloo
YANG, Li-Chou
YEE, Chih-Yen
CHENG, Fen-Fen / żG¬Ô¬Ô


Director, CHENG Fen-Fen with a commercial background is know for her lyrical prose stylized scripts; after several excellent productions in Public Television Service Network's Life Style Program, Cheng decided to move onto the big screens. Cheng's first feature film "Keeping Watch" in 2007 was invited to several international film festivals, and also selected for Taiwan New Force Category in the China Golden Rooster & Hundred Flowers Film Festival; the film also won the "Best Script" in the Singapore Asian Festival of First Films. Cheng is skilled for her insight in the societal diversity of distant human relationships and the rare warmth that comes through; she is also brilliant in transforming mind-numbing images of every day life into a new ingenious vision. Cheng's TV movie "Long Vocation" is nominated for several categories in the 2008 Taiwan Golden Bell Award showcasing her rich creative energy, making her the most poetic female director in Taiwan.
Filmography / Awards

2011ímBear ItínDrama/35mm/103min

2011ímHear MeínDrama/35mm/109min

2008ímLong VacationínTV Movie/ HD/90min
The Golden Bell Award - Best TV Movie

2008 ímFinding Herín TV Movie/ HD/92min
Taipei Film Festival in Competition

2007ímKeeping WatchínDrama/35mm/92min
Deauville Asian Film Festival
Singapore Asian Festival of 1st Films - Best Script
Stockholm International Film Festival

2006 ímSell My LifeínTV Movie/ HD/91min
Nominated for Best Actor at The Golden Bell Awards mini TV series

2004 ímShadow CallerínTV Movie/ HD/ 78min
Best Screenplay at 2004 The Golden Bell Award

2003 ímI Lost My GrandpaínTV Movie/ HD/90min