Country: Taiwan/ Mandarin (2005 )
Genre: Drama
Duration: 104min
Format: 35mm

WANG Ming-Tai王明台

Actors: LAN Cheng-Lung
LEE Kang-Yi, WAN Fang
SHU Hui-Ying
Falling in Love / 戀人
Venice International Film Festival- Venice Days-Premio L’impudente
Thessaloniki International Film Festival- The Best Artistic Achievement
Taipei Film Festival- New Talent Competition
Tokyo International Film Festival
Golden Horse Awards in Competition
Hong Kong Asian Film Festival

Alan is trapped in three absurd relationships. His girlfriend Angel is deeply in love with him but Alan's detachment keeps letting her down and pushes her to a nervous breakdown. Belle has just fled from a broken marriage and rents the room next to Angel's; She also happens to have been a young love of Alan's, who Alan has not forgotten. Madame, 40 years old, spends her life waiting for her mafia boyfriend to come back, until one day Alan shows up and caresses her lonely heart...... Falling in Love beautiful unfolds these distorted and tangled relationships.

戀情結束就一定可以忘懷? 彼此相愛就能夠得到幸福? 一位渴望真情到來的女子-安琪(李康宜 飾),一位難忘過去真愛的男子-阿倫(藍正龍 飾)選擇愛人或是放棄被愛,彼此間情感交錯 阿倫沉溺在暴力與情慾之間,尋求解放, 安琪則選擇深情守候,執著不悔, 不懂如何給對方最大的幸福的兩人,卻一直渴望被愛……

《戀人》鮮紅似激情,猶如心情濃烈起伏的調酒--KISS&TELL〈枕邊細語〉, 給都會男女最深沉難忘的戀愛經驗.

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