Country: Taiwan/ Mandarin (2004 )
Genre: Drama/Comedy
Duration: 100min
Format: 35mm

HSU Fu-Chun 徐輔軍

Actors: Tony YAJNG
  HUANG Hung-Sheng
CHANG Chun-Ning
Holiday Dreaming / 夢遊夏威夷
Deauville Asian Film Festival
Tokyo International Film Festival
Pusan International Film Festiva
Golden Bell Awards- Best Director Nomination

Ah Zhou, who is about to be discharged from his military service, has a surreal dream. In his dream, he sees the dead body of Shing Shing, a classmate he was crazy about in elementary school. He has an intuition that this dream implying that she might have died. Soon afterwards, Ah Zhou gets an unexpected vacation and he quickly learns that the special vacation is for him and another soon-to-be-discharged soldier, Xiao Guei, to go after a deserter, Kuen He, who ran away with weapons two days ago. Ah Zhou uses the excuse to find Shing Shing and turns out get her in a mental hospital, so the two pals and the girl play hooky for a few days as beach bums, before real life again intrudes.

即將退伍的老兵阿洲,對未來一片茫然。某夜裡,他夢見多年不見的國小同學─陳欣欣,她死狀淒慘,被棄屍在淡水河口。多年來,阿洲經常想起這位曾經跟他非常要好的女生。不顧旁人的譏諷,阿洲堅信這個突如其來的夢境暗喻欣欣遭遇不幸,或正面臨危險。阿洲想去尋找失連多年的陳欣欣。 不久,阿洲終于等到難得的五天假期,他決定去尋找陳欣欣。但是,沒想到長官放他假的原因是要他和另一名也要退伍的老兵小鬼去抓前兩天逃亡的菜鳥傻兵昆河黃泰安 飾〉。阿洲尋找陳欣欣的念頭被迫中斷,兩人更對前去抓逃兵一事,憂心忡忡,因為一直以來,他們常以老兵姿態,欺負昆河這位菜鳥……