Country Taiwan/Mandarin (2007)
Genre Drama
Duration 92 min
Format 35mm
Director CHENG, Fen-Fen 鄭芬芬
Actors Joseph CHANG
  Haden KUO
Keeping Watch / 沉睡的青春
Deauville Asian Film Festival
Singapore Asian Festival of 1st Films - Best Script
Stockholm International Film Festival

Everyday at 3 pm is the moment I begin to fall in love with you.

Ching is a girl whose tedious life surrounds her family-owned shop. One day Han shows up and claims to be her high school classmate. Ching's everyday life starts to change because she has fallen for Han. Then one day Han suddenly vanishes. Ching looks up for Han's contact info in the school yearbook. When she meets Han's parents, they reveal that Han passed away years ago. If Han were dead, then who is this person that's been coming to see Ching everyday and who is it that Ching had fallen in love with?

每天下午三點 就是我愛上你的時刻。 獨自守著老舊鐘錶店的女孩徐青青,因為一個自稱是國中同學的謎樣男孩蔡子涵的出現,如時鐘般規律的生活開始有了浪漫的轉變。然而一天,子涵突然消失,焦急的青青循著畢業通訊錄上的資料打電話到子涵家,卻被子涵父母告知兒子早已死亡多年的消息。如果子涵死了,那每天到鐘錶店找青青的男孩是誰?青青愛上的人又是誰?

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