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Yellow Sheep River / 2009
List of Directors
(in alphebatical order)
CHENG, Fen-Fen
CHENG, Wen-Tang
CHEUNG, King-Wai
LEE, Jong-Wang
LIN, Jia-Wei & LIAO, Leo
LIN, Jing-Jie
LIN, Yu-Hsien
LIU, Soung
LU, Looloo
YANG, Li-Chou
YEE, Chih-Yen
LIU, Soung / ╝BĚC


LIU Soung has had 22 years of experience in producing and directing TV drama and documentaries. Graduated from London International Film School in UK, LIU Soung worked in New York City, USA for several years, taking part in documentary post-production editing for the National Geographic Channel and HBO. Since returning to Taiwan, he joined Bow Wow Productions and has been focusing on producing documentaries ever since.
Filmography / Awards

2009ímYellow Sheep RiverínDocumentary/ HD/ 94min
Taipei Film Festival - Best Documentary

2008 ímNatural FormosaínDocumentary/ 3 episodes/ PTS

2006 ímPortraits Taiwan Dharma Master Cheng Yenín
Documentary/ 45min/ Discovery Channel

2004ímTechnology's "Knight-Errant"- Sayling WenínDocumentary/ 83min/PTS

2002 ímThe Story of My Home TownínDocumentary/ 8 episodes/ PTS

2000 ímThe Vision of a CityínDocumentary/ 13 episodes/ PTS