Country Taiwan/ Mandarin, Hakka (2013)
Genre Drama
Duration 112min
Format DCP/ HD CAM
LOU Yi-an

Eric YEH

Actor HSU Hua-chien
Paicx YATAUYUNGANA PAN Chin-yu, CHIU Su-Chin LIN Chih-ju, YANG Zong-hua
Production Company
  The 3rd Vision Films
The Losers/ 廢物

Hong Kong International Film Festival


Between people, between people and the land
Just like this small town in Southern Taiwan,
their lives are being evaluated by the social conventions.

A man chooses to leave the city and goes back to his hometown in the countryside. However, he finds that his dream of being a farmer is shattered as the property developers have flocked into this small town in Southern Taiwan. Consequently, the farmland is taken over by holiday homes and villas, which not only look incongruous in the landscape but have destroyed the serenity. A woman who left home lives in one of the villas. She has been trapped in the house both physically and mentally until she meets the man. Their encounter is about to change everything…

Hakka, a dialect spoken by the Hakka people in Taiwan, is the main language in this film. It originated in Guangdong Province as well as Western and Southern Fujian Province in China. According to a survey carried out in 1993, the dialect is spoken by 2.36 million people and is one of the major languages spoken in Taiwan.






About the Director

LOU Yi-an's works highlight the working class and immigrant life. His TV drama Bon Voyage, completed in 2005, won awards for Best Director in the Golden Bell awards. Lou has been known for being very clever with using dark comedy to portray the reality of society. His short film Waterfront Villa Bonita was a dark comedy, which had been well-received world-widely. Lou's first feature film A Place of One's Own (2009), continues this dark style, which had also won him many award such as Audience Choice Award in Taipei Film Festival.

Previous Works
2009 / " A PLACE OF ONE'S OWN" (35mm/ Drama/ 118mins/ color)
◎11TH Taipei International Film Festival, in main competition,
"Best Audience Choice"、"Best Supporting Actress","Best Production Design"
◎Golden Horse Award nominated

2007 / Short Film "Waterfront Villa Bonita" (35mm/ Drama/ 24mins/ color)
◎ Clermont-Ferrand Short Film Festival, in competition, 2008
◎ Fribourg International Film Festival, 2008
◎ Milano Film Festival, in competition, 2008

2005 / Single TV Drama "Bon Voyage" (HDTV/ Drama/ 78mins/ color)
◎ Golden Bell Awards "Best Director" for Single TV Drama



2009/ 電影《一席之地》編導

2007/ 電影短片《水岸麗景》編導

2005/ 公視人生劇展《快樂的出航》編導、剪輯