Country: Taiwan (2011)
Genre: 3D Animation
Duration: 78min
Format: 35mm
Director: Cold LENG, Gloria KAO
冷子健 , 高嘉淇
Producer: Gloria KAO
Production Company:
F. Rhythm 3D Animation Company
Available rights upon request
Memory Loss / 憶世界大冒險

Have you ever want something so much...
you would trade your memories to have it?

Anita lives in the small village. Since her dad died, her mom always feels sad and misses her husband. One day, Anita passes by an "Answer Shop" in a strange looking house. An old man claims he can answer any questions she has. There Anita finds a memory eraser and steals it thinking she can use it to erase her mom's sad memories.

When she does that, things become strange. She goes back to the Answer Shop trying to recover her mom's memory. On the way, she runs into two bullies trying to get the eraser. During the fight, Anita is thrown into the memory world where all the unwanted memories in the world are kept. Her exciting adventure in the land of human subconscious then begins.

Anita has to find a way home, but frustratingly, she faces a lot of challenges. Along her journey, she makes friends with a monster named Egor, and she has to fight against an evil memory eater in order to go home...