New Project
Genre: Drama
Duration: 90min
Format: 35mm
Director: CHENG, Fen Fen 鄭芬芬

Sunday Sun, James Liu

Production Company Enterprising Dragon Entertainment Co. Lt
Joint Entertainment International Inc.
Status: In Development
Marry Go Round / 非嫁不可
Hong Kong Asia Film Financial Forum


Gu Jie, a graduate from a renowned university, who wants to be an excellent chef like his father, is determined to be an apprentice at a Western restaurant. To his surprise, the owner commits a bankruptcy fraud. After the restaurant closes, he cannot find a job in Shanghai. During this time, his old college mate, Lin Feng, sees an "uxorilocal marriage wanted" ad by the Tianmenqing Restaurant Group. Feng is bent on marrying a rich woman, so he goes to Chongqing to take on the challenge. Jie, being unemployed, follows him to Chongqing in hope to find a job. Unexpectedly, Zhou Weiwei, the daughter of the Tianmenqing president falls for Jie. Absurd efforts of persuasion hence begin. Everyone feels that Jie is lucky to be chosen by Weiwei and wants him to marry her. Jie, who cannot let go of the patriarchal ideology, does not wish his family to be without offspring and will not give up his dream to pursue higher education in France. However, Weiwei's love for him is so genuine. Struggled in between his dignity, his ideal, the mainstream values, and the love of Weiwei, will Gu Jie be able to see his true desire deep inside?



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