Country: Taiwan/Mandarin (2007)
Genre: Drama
Duration: 114 min
Format: 35mm
Director: LIN, Jing-Jie 林靖傑
Actors: KWAI, Lun-Mel
MO, Zi-Yi
  JIA, Xiao-Guo
The Most Distant Course / 最遙遠的距離
Slovakia FEBIOFEST film festival
Bursa International Silk Road Film Festival

Goa Film Festival

Reykjavik International Film Festival
Durban International Film Festival
Asian Film Festival of Rome - Best Director

Era New Horizons Film Festival

Karlovy Vary International Film Festival
Open Doek Film Festival - Jury Award

Kosmorama Trondheim International Film Festival
Netherland CinemAsia Film Festival
Geneva Black Movie Festival
Tokyo International Film Festival
Pusan International Film Festival
Hong Kong Asian Film Festival
Venice Film Festival -International Critics' Week Award

A heartbroken sound technician can't get over the girl who leaves him without a word. He collects sounds on tape and sends them to her. A girl named Ryo-yun who is involved with a married man keeps receiving the tapes by accident. Temptation leads her to track down to the sender as well as the sound that's echoing in her head. A recently divorced psychiatrist embarks on a soul searching journey and meets the sound technician. Will these three lonely souls eventually find the place that is the closest to their hearts?






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