Country Taiwan, Japan /
Mandarin, Japanese (2019)
Genre Drama
Duration 101 min
Format DCP
Producers James C LIU
Fumiko OSAKA
Director Yoshihiro HANNO
Writers Yoshihiro HANNO
YU Wei Yen
YOU Shann Jiun
Music by Ryuichi SAKAMOTO
Yoshihiro HANNO
Stars Satoshi TSUMABUKI
Michael JQ HUANG
Production Companies
  Joint Pictures
Paradise Next亡命之途

High summer. An island in the south.


Badass Makino (played by Satoshi Tsumabuki) lands himself in hot water after the untimely death of a triad boss' daughter Shin Ru (played by Nikki Hsieh). He has been on the run from Japan to Taiwan. At a critical moment, a mysterious killer 346 (played by Kaiser Chuang) appears, but Makino gets away. When night falls, Makino stops by a noodle stall in a smelly wet market, looking for the cold-blooded killer Shima (played by Etsushi Toyokawa) who is in self-imposed exile because of the same murder case. Makino is so full of himself that he tells Shima he is his “saviour” because he knows very well that Shin Ru's death is not an “accident” as what the organization has suggested. Shima and Shin Ru have developed a deep relationship without language barrier. Shima still can't get over her death. Now that Makino knows the truth that he has been seeking, he decides to help him escape from the organization and hatches his own plan of revenge.

痞子牧野(妻夫木聰 飾)惹上了極道千金欣如(謝欣穎 飾)的枉死案件,一路被追殺到台灣。危在旦夕之際,神秘殺手346(莊凱勛 飾)現身,牧野趁隙溜之大吉。入夜後,牧野來到黏膩著腥臊氣味的市場麵攤,找上因同一件命案自我放逐的冷酷殺手島(豐川悅司 飾)。牧野自信滿滿地說自己是島的「救世主」,因為他太清楚欣如的死,並非組織對外宣稱的「意外」。島與欣如有過一段無需言語的深刻感情。欣如的死,讓島始終放不下。如今牧野握有自己想尋回的真相,遂決定帶他躲避組織的追殺,意欲展開復仇。

Thanks to Gao's (played by Michael JQ Huang) generous help, Shima and Makino have safely left Taipei. The two sinful drifters travel to the seaside and arrive at the scenic Hualien where they meet by chance Xiao En (played by Nikki Hsieh), a girl left behind in Taiwan by her family. Started off as a chance meeting, the three lonely souls begin to heal each other and create their own paradise under the bright blue sky. But 346 is like a sin that can't be washed away, following Shima and Makino around like their shadow. What does fate have in store for Xiao En? Why did Makino look for Shima in the first place? What's the naked truth about Shin Ru's death? Where will the two fugitives, Makino and Shima, end up?

經由高桑(黃仲崑 飾)的義氣相挺,島和牧野順利離開台北。兩名待罪的旅人劃過南國海岸,深入椰影婆娑的花蓮秘境,偶然結識被家人遺留在台灣的女孩小恩( 謝欣穎 飾)。三個孤單靈魂意外相聚,以彼此的傷結緣,在明媚幻化的天光之中,交織出各自的樂園。然而346就如同揮不去的罪咎,如影隨形貼近島與牧野的身邊。小恩會因此遭遇什麼樣的命運?當初牧野為何一廂情願找上島?欣如之死的真相究竟為何?牧野和島這對亡命之徒,最終又會漂向何方?

About the Director

Yoshihiro Hanno is an internationally sought-after film composer, best known for working with Hou Hsiao Hsien and Jia Zhangke. His credits include Flowers of Shanghai (1998) , Millennium Mambo (2001) , directed by Hou; and Platform (2000) , Unknown Pleasures (2002) and 24 City (2008) , directed by Jia. In 2015, Hanno was nominated for best original music at the 52 nd Golden Horse Awards for Jia's Mountains May Depart (2015) .

Hanno turned to directing when he co-directed and co-written with Kensaku Kakimoto on Ugly (2011) , which stars Yosuke Kubozuka. His solo directorial debut A Woman Wavering In The Rain (2016) premiered in the Asian Future competition section of the Tokyo International Film Festival. Paradise Next is his second solo directorial effort.

近年國際影壇最炙手可熱的新生代電影配樂音樂家之一。半野喜弘最為影壇與樂迷熟悉的是前後擔任侯孝賢和賈樟柯的電影配樂。分別是侯孝賢導演《海上花》(1998 )、《千嬉曼波》(2001),以及賈樟柯導演《站台》(2000)、《任逍遙》(2002)、《24城記》(2008)。2015年以賈樟柯導演《山河故人》(2015)電影配樂,獲得第52屆金馬獎最佳原創電影音樂入圍。半野喜弘初執導筒之作,是與柿本健作聯合編導、由窪塚洋介擔任主演的電影《Ugly》(2011) 。首部編導長片《A Woman Wavering in the Rain》(2016)獲選東京國際影展亞洲未來競賽單元。《亡命之途》是半野喜弘導演的第二部長片作品。