New Project
Genre: Drama
Duration: 100 mins (estimated)
Format: DCP
Director: CHENG, Wen-tang 鄭文堂

CHENG, Wen-tang, James Liu

Production Company Dreamosa Film Ltd.
Joint Entertainment International Inc.
Status: In Development
Silence / 無聲
Golden Horse Film Project Promotion 2013


Some police officers from the Criminal Investigation Division are having dinner in a bistro in the night market. They chant the slogan, "Fight till the last breath! No surrender!" in the drinking game. YANG, the Captain, refuses to close the case in which the local council speaker's son was accused of causing bodily harm. As a result, YANG makes an enemy with the Speaker.

PENG Sheng-li, the construction tycoon, is stabbed to death in the restroom of a Japanese restaurant. The murder further intensifies the tension between YANG and the Speaker since PENG was involved in the urban consolidation, which would greatly benefit PENG and the Speaker.

The Speaker trades in only women and land through which he controls the politicians as well as the gangsters. Even the informer who is having an affair with YANG is a prostitute working for the Speaker.
YANG is walking a tightrope. His marriage is a sham; some of his colleagues sit on the sidelines while some side with the Speaker for protection. YEH, the young novice, is the only man he can trust. YEH eventually tracks down the killer, WANG Shui-ching, a sandwich man working in the streets. Only when YANG approaches WANG, which is the core of this intricate case, the slogan "Fight till the last breath! No surrender!" begins to have impact…



議長在地方上只做兩種買賣,女人與土地。他靠這兩種物品掌握黑白勢力,甚至楊仔交往的線民安安,也是議長旗下的應召女。 楊仔在權力與性的刀鋒邊緣辦案,婚姻已經冷淡,同事有冷眼旁觀者,也有自保而靠攏議長勢力的人,他唯一能依靠的只剩下剛進刑警隊的菜鳥小葉,因為小葉相信「有戰死沒投降」不只是喝酒的豪氣,更是作為一個人的態度。


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