Country: Taiwan/Mandarin (2009)
Genre: Crime Drama
Duration: 111 min
Format: 35mm
Director: CHENG, Wen-Tang 鄭文堂
Actors: TSAI, Chen-Nan
Serena FANG
MO, Zi-Yi
  HUANG, Jian-Wei
: 蔡振南、房思瑜、鄭宜農
Tears / 眼淚
Karlovy Vary International Film Festival
Shanghai International Film Festival
Taipei Film Festival
, Best Director of Taipei Awards
Singapore International Film Festival
Uruguay International Film Festival of Uruguay
Pusan International Film Festvial
Vancouver International Film Festival
Taipei Golden Horse Film Festival Openling Film

Days approaching his sixtieth birthday, veteran Detective Kuo receives a new assignment involving the drug overdose and eventual death of a young girl. Departmental superiors see it as a textbook crime and urge him to conclude the case, but experience and sense tell Kuo otherwise. Thorough investigation leads him to a lively college girl, Lai Chun Chun, whose young and innocent appearance is shadowed by an indispensable grudge. Kuo's uncompromising principles and refusal to close the case turn him into an outcast, isolated from colleagues and family. And just when Kuo is on the verge of a breakthrough, his own dark past is unveiled by Wen, a young street vendor. Do Kuo's principles extend to his own misdeeds? Will justice prevail for the young addict? Kuo realizes he has one last chance to impose justice and find his own redemption.


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