Country: Taiwan/ Mandarin (2008)
Genre: Documentary
Duration: 55 min
Format: Digital Betacam
Director: LIN Yu-Hsien 林育賢
The Man Who Plants Trees / 種樹的男人
2009 Thessaloniki Documentary Festival

LU Ming-Shih, a man who vows to plant trees along the Tropic of Cancer. As a result of a book and a trip to Provence, he embarks on an ambitious project - to plant trees in Chianan plain. He has been working on this project for nine years. During the process, he is supported by so many people but also treated by some with contempt. But nevertheless, Lu never cares about what people's opinion of him. He says, "As I'm hopeless in love with Nature, I plant trees."

He believes that all dreams can come true. Lu understands that to plant trees along the Tropic of Cancer is a mission, which may be not completed by one generation, but he believes that it can be handed down to the next generation. The most important of all is – someone has to make a start. He is convinced that as long as there are people who would carry on working, this dream will be realised one day.

一個誓言要在北回歸線種滿樹的男人,盧銘世,因為一本書以及一趟普羅旺斯之旅,讓他在嘉南平原展開至今長達九年的種樹計畫。在執行過程中,有很多人給予協助支持,也有人認為他「吃飽閒著,做憨工!」。但是盧銘世卻不在意的說:「愛著卡慘死,我熱愛自然,所以我種樹。」 他相信這個世上沒有到不了的夢想,他也知道北回歸線種樹計劃,或許是這一代無法完成的夢想,但下一代可以繼續執行,重要的是一定要開始做。只要有人願意做,一定會成功。


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