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CHENG, Fen-Fen
CHENG, Wen-Tang
CHEUNG, King-Wai
LEE, Jong-Wang
LIN, Jia-Wei & LIAO, Leo
LIN, Jing-Jie
LIN, Yu-Hsien
LIU, Soung
LU, Looloo
YANG, Li-Chou
YEE, Chih-Yen
YEE, Chih-Yen /


YEE Chih-Yen graduated from UCLA with an MFA degree on Film. He has been working in Film, TV drama and TV commercials since late 1980s. In 1995 he made his film directorial debut with Lonely Heart Club and in 2002 his second film Blue Gate Crossing was both a critical and box office success. The film was selected by Directors Fortnight in the same year and established his international reputation. Yee is one of the few Taiwanese directors whose career successfully crosses between the big screen and the tube. He is also a highly demanded director of TV commercials for famous brands like Sony, Motorola, Citibank, 7-11 and Sundory.
Filmography / Awards

2005-6mDangerous MindnDrama/30-episodes TV drama
Nominated for 4 Golden Bell Awards in Taiwan, including Best Drama Series, Best Director, Best Scriptwriting, Best Actor in the leading role.

2004mAbout Love, Taipei EpisodenDrama/35mm/102min

Pusan International Film Festival

2002mBlue Gate CrossingnDrama/35mm /85min
Cannes film festival - Directors Fortnight
Slovak film festival - Best Director Award
Hong Kong film festival - Nominated for best Asian film

1998mThe Fleeting MomentsnTV Movie/108min

1995 mLonely Hearts ClubnDrama/35mm /110min
Slovak film festival - Best Actress Award
Amsterdam film festival - Golden Tiger Award