Country: Taiwan(2009)
Genre: Documentary
Duration: 94min
Format: HD

LIU, Soung 劉嵩

Yellow Sheep River / 黃羊川

Trento Film Festival
San Francisco International Film Festival
Taipei Film Festival, Best Documentary


YELLOW SHEEP RIVER is a film about the beauty in everyday life told through a poetry of images. Award-winning director LIU Soung's film is an exploration of life in traditional Chinese agricultural society. He sets aside social problems, such as poverty, and focuses purely on the imagery that is present in simple acts. The entire film is without dialogue. Everyday life is revealed through the director's omnipresent lens. At the same time, we are fully immersed in the land, the changing of the four seasons and the most basic conditions of human life. Through clever editing and simple rhythms reveal the joyous and fulfilling peace that is found in daily activities. If you have forgotten what it means to be alive, YELLOW SHEEP RIVER will remind you.



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